schedule & rates

week 1

June 29 – July 3

mystery week


Become a detective and unveil the mystery at camp. We will be creating maps and participating in scavenger hunts.

Figure out the hidden codes and unlock the riddles. Every day is a mystery, and anything can happen!


Field Trip: Cancelled

week 2

July 6– July 10


Each group of campers will get the opportunity to create their own carnival game. 

At the end of the week, the whole camp will enjoy the Harbor Light Carnival.

Field Trip: Cancelled

week 3

July 13 – July 17

mad science


We are getting psyched for science! No text books here though.  Rockets and parachutes. Volcanos and hovercrafts.

Hands -on fun!  

Field Trip: TBD

week 4

July 20 – July 24

Shark TanK


 Bring your teamwork skills, creative ideas, and be ready to "pitch your product" to the Harbor Light Sharks!

Campers will present their very own creations at the end of the week  to see if any of them will BITE!   

Field Trip: TBD

week 5

July 27 – July 31

Harbor Light Olympics

Each group of campers will get the opportunity to compete in the Harbor Light Olympics to test and

showcase the strength, talent and endurance of the participating athletes.

Field Trip: TBD

week 6

August 3 – August 7

Escape Mission


Campers will discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish challenging tasks as a team

in order to crack the code to Harbor Light's ultimate escape mission. 

Field Trip: TBD

week 7

August 10 – August 14

Inventor workshop

Thomas Edison, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs......  

They have nothing on the creativity and inventiveness as our Harbor Light campers. 

Come join us to be the next big thing!


Field Trip: TBD

Harbor Light offers a 25% off sibling discount for families that register more than one child during the same sessions. 

The first child is charged the full registration fee while any additional children can attend for 25% off! Call for details.



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